bodywork with heart


i honor your process.

i don’t want finances to limit your access to my services. please reach out if you have a service or goods to offer & would like to talk about bartering for my services. i reserve one appointment a month for a “pay what you can” fee. names are selected at the end of the month.

i make all my massage oils with intention, organic ingredients, and quality essential oils combinations.

Cash, PIP, and HSA/ FSA only. All rates listed are for cash pay.


craniosacral therapy(CST)

$80/ 60 min

CraniosSacral therapy is gentle and extremely effective for people of all ages, from infants to adults. It is a gentle method of relieving pressure and compression in the soft tissues of the body, and facilitates the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, which is produced in the brain and circulates throughout the body, mostly in the head, neck, and spine. A CranioSacral session has positive effects on the nervous system, lymphatic system, and connective tissues, helping to balance the body as a whole.

CranioSacral is a modality of bodywork performed by using a very light touch, over clothes. The practitioner works with the cerebral spinal fluid, nervous system, cranial bones and sutures, as well as the fascia of the entire body. The practitioner encourages the body’s innate ability to balance, restore, and heal while the body is in a relaxed and open state.

newborn Craniosacral (cst)

$60/ office visit $100/ home visit

Sometimes the birth experience can imprint many hard to detect impacts on a small body. Using a very light and subtle touch, I create space for your little one to balance, restore, heal, and integrate the world around them at their own pace, in a relaxed and open state. By allowing your little one's body to get back into balance, the nervous system, lymphatic system, and the connective tissue work together in harmony.

· birth trauma, including prolonged pushing, vacuum or forceps assisted births, or a surgical birth (cesarean section)

· difficulty with breastfeeding

· tongue and lip tie and revisions

· constipation and gassiness

· reflux

· colic

· sleep challenges

· teething

· head-shape

· tight neck muscles/ only turning 1 way

· earaches/ chronic ear infections



pregnancy and postpartum massage

$100/ 70 min $140/ 90 min

Massage can positively impact your transition into parenthood. Taking some time for yourself and connecting with the inner rhythm of your body can benefit mind and soul. Massage can help relieve minor aches as well as bring awareness to your changing body. Taking some time for yourself is a great way to balance your stress hormones, and start modeling self-care. Sessions may include cupping, craniosacral therapy, reiki, acutonics.


· increases blood and lymph circulation, which can reduce swelling

· reduces the effects of pregnancy induced carpal tunnel

· decreases low back pain, hip pain, and general discomforts

· reduce anxiety

· decrease symptoms of depression

· encourages immune function

· increases body awareness


· relieves upper back and neck pain from carrying a new baby and/ or breastfeeding

· excellent way  to take time for your self and refill your cup

· targeted softening of abdominal surgical scar

· reduce anxiety

· decrease symptoms of depression

· encourages immune function

· increases body awareness


healing massage

$100/ 70 min - $120 hot stones $140/ 90 min - $160 hot stones

Massage can positively impact your health and general wellbeing. Taking some time for yourself and connecting with the inner rhythm of your body can benefit mind and soul. Massage can help relieve minor aches as well as chronic pain. Sessions may include cupping, craniosacral therapy, reiki, acutonics.

The use of heated stones within a massage session is extremely relaxing. The heat eases a deeper release of muscles and release of tension in the body both physically and energeticly.


Labor stimulation bodywork

$150/ office visit $180/ onsite (south Seattle)

This session is bodywork to quiet the nervous system and encourage labor. This session will include craniosacral therapy, massage, and Reiki to calm the body and help quiet the mind. A custom blend of relaxing and labor stimulating essential oils will be applied to the feet. Acutonics (tuning forks) will be used along labor stimulation points similar to acupuncture points. The vibration of the forks activates the point like acupuncture but without the needles. Labor stimulation works best after 40 weeks of pregnancy but can be scheduled any time after 37 weeks. Please reach out directly for help scheduling labor augmentation or stimulation after water has broken. Onsite sessions will not include table massage.



abdominal release

can be included in any non-pregnancy bodywork session

Abdominal massage can be added to any massage session. It is a gentle and nourishing modality that aids in releasing restrictions of the layers of the belly. Belly massage can be helpful for painful menstruation, digestive problems, painful intercourse, fertility, abdominal scars due to surgery/ surgical birth.

When scheduling, please try not to schedule within 4 days of your menstrual cycle. Can be scheduled 12 weeks after surgical birth or with clearance from your provider.




therapeutic massage/ injury treatment

$125 75 min massage appointment

Injury treatment for car accidents.